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  • Blue-faced Honeyeater complex (Image ID 37508)

    Blue-faced Honeyeater complex.   Photographer: Emmy Silvius

  • Yellow-billed Spoonbill (Image ID 18995)

    Yellow-billed Spoonbill.   Photographer: Peter Bennet

  • Eurasian Coot (Image ID 19669)

    Eurasian Coot.   Photographer: Richard Smart

  • Masked Lapwing (Image ID 20607)

    Masked Lapwing.   Photographer: Ian Wilson

  • Musk Duck (Image ID 23159)

    Musk Duck.   Photographer: Con Boekel

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This Search facility will search all website content, uploaded documents, and images.  Some content on this site is restricted to BLP members; visitors may not be able to access all the items found.  The search options button on the All Photos page (on the Photo Gallery drop-down menu), and on individual gallery pages, provides more options for searching images only.

Latest Images

White-browed Woodswallow (Image ID 43606)
White-browed Woodswallow
Jacob Crisp
Viewed: 25
Musk Duck (Image ID 43605)
Musk Duck
Jacob Crisp
Viewed: 23
Blue-billed Duck (Image ID 43604)
Blue-billed Duck
Darren Weinert
Viewed: 23
Australasian Grebe (Image ID 43603)
Australasian Grebe
Darren Weinert
Viewed: 26
Noisy Friarbird (Image ID 43602)
Noisy Friarbird
Darren Weinert
Viewed: 19
White-winged Chough (Image ID 43601)
White-winged Chough
Darren Weinert
Viewed: 22
Red-browed Treecreeper (Image ID 43600)
Red-browed Treecreeper
Jacob Crisp
Viewed: 14
Masked Lapwing (Image ID 43599)
Masked Lapwing
Rob Solic
Viewed: 20
Grey Teal (Image ID 43597)
Grey Teal
Cherilyn Corker
Viewed: 16
Grey Teal (Image ID 43596)
Grey Teal
Cherilyn Corker
Viewed: 14
Brown Songlark (Image ID 43595)
Brown Songlark
David Newell
Viewed: 40

Our Mystery Reviewers have completed their assessments of the images in each level of the Reflections competition; their ratings are as follows:

Advanced Level – Reflections

Intermediate Level – Reflections

  • Winner - Yellow-billed Spoonbill, by Nathan Watson (Image ID 43239)
  • Highly Commended - Red-necked Avocet, by Nathan Watson (Image ID 42804)
  • Commended - Black-fronted Dotterel, by Linda Unwin (Image ID 43246)
  • Commended - Splendid Fairywren, by Woody Woodhouse (Image ID 43241)
  • Commended - Australasian Grebe, by Barry Deacon (Image ID 42783)
  • Commended - Bluebonnet, by Mary Wheeler (Image ID 43184)
  • Honourable Mention - Bourke's Parrot, by Linda Unwin (ID 43191)
  • Honourable Mention - Red-necked Stint, by Jane Putland (ID 42883)
  • Honourable Mention - Red-necked Avocet, by Linda Unwin (ID 43202)

Entry Level – Reflections

The Mystery Reviewer Critiques are available in the Resources - Mystery Reviewer Critiques page.  Critiques published within the last two years are only visible to our members; you must be logged in to the site to see them.

Member voting for the Reflections competition, which closed for entries on 2nd November and for voting on 23rd November, has been analysed and the results for the top five images (or more, in the case of a tie) in each category are listed here.  This competition received good support from the membership, with 249 images entered across the 3 competition levels by 119 photographers.  The Winner is the image which received the most votes; and we also show the next four highest placed images, rating them as Highly Commended if they received at least 90% of the votes for the winning image, and Commended for scores less than that.

Advanced Level – Reflections

This category attracted 82 entries, from 27 photographers. 44 members voted, with the following result:

Intermediate Level – Reflections

This category attracted 103 entries, from 37 photographers. 49 members voted, with the following result:

Entry Level – Reflections

This category attracted 64 entries, from 24 photographers. 46 members voted, with the following result:

Congratulations to all these photographers for their quality images.

Results of the 2020 BirdLife Australia Photography Awards have been released on the official competition site.

The competition received 6,500 entries this year, a big increase on the 4,100 in 2019, with lots of great photography on display including work
by a number of BLP members.  Special congratulations to our members who participated in this competition.

Our Zoom presentation, DSLR vs Mirrorless - the Future of Bird Photography, on Wednesday 28th October was attended by 100 members - the maximum allowed.  For those tried to join but missed out, or were unable to attend at the time, we recorded the presentation, and it is now available for members to view, in Resources - Our Video Tutorials - DSLR vs Mirrorless (M)This video is accessible only to our members; you must be logged in to view it.

We've recently become aware that a few members are not receiving email messages which we send from this website's mail-list facility, or from the BirdLife Australia e-News platform which we use.  The most likely reason that you are not receiving messages which we send is that you have, at some time, unsubscribed from the mail-list used for the message.  You can check which mail-lists you are subscribed to from the My Account page, under the Home menu tab when you are logged in the the site; you can select the mail-lists you want to receive and those you do not want to receive.  The current mail-list categories are Announcements & News, Photo Competitions, Newsletters, and Bird ID Challenges (currently not used, as we have suspended these).  There is also an All Members list, which is used for special purposes; you should not unsubscribe from that list.

If you use the unsubscribe facility in messages sent from the e-News platform - you can recognise these by the standard BirdLife Australia footer section - this will unsubscribe you from all messages sent from that site; this will include messages from BirdLife Australia and its branches sent using this platform  There is no facility for individuals to re-subscribe to the e-News platform.  

Our 2020 Members Survey showed that over 90% of responders would like us to develop a resource on our website for members to post information about recent field trips for the benefit of other members.  We have set up a page for this purpose, at Resources - Road Trip Reports; committee member Doug Castle has provided a couple of articles to get the ball rolling.  These reports are member-only access for two years; you must be logged in to see them.

If you would like to contribute to this resource, please send your report(s) to our website administrator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Don't worry about formatting; you can even send the report as an email message.  You can include a couple of photos if you wish.

Our 2020 Members Survey closed on Sunday 20th September; we were pleased to receive responses from 350 members.  The winner of the random draw for responding with the first 14 days was Jacob Crisp, who will soon receive a $200 gift voucher from Ted's Cameras.

A document containing all the survey responses is available in the Our Articles - Science & Surveys page; this document is member-only access.  We are preparing a summary document to highlight the important findings from this survey,

BirdLife Photography members are once again well represented in this year's results for two prestigous international competitions.

Georgina Steytler won the Best Portfolio Award in the Bird Photographer of the Year 2020 competition.  Those who follow her on Instagram will have seen a number of photos she's taken recently with her new Olympus mirrorless camera.  Glenn Pure also did well in this competition, with two Commended images in the Best Portrait category and one in the Bird Behaviour category.

Seven members were in the shortlisted finalists of the Australian Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year competition.  They were Kim Wormald and Gary Meredith in the Animal Behaviour category, Keith Lightbody and Claire Greenwell in the Threatened Species category, Lea Scaddan and David Stowe in the Animal Portrait category, and Elizabeth Oxnam in the Botanical category,

Congratulations to all these photographers for their excellent work - well done!


Our 2021 Photo Competitions for BirdLife Photography members will have the following themes:

  1. Best of 2020.  Up to four of your best bird shots taken during 2020.
  2. Cranes, Storks, Crakes, Rails and Swamphens.  There should be something for everyone here. The following species are eligible: Brolga, Sarus Crane, Black-necked Stork, Lewin’s Rail, Buff-banded Rail, Lord Howe Woodhen, Chestnut Rail. Red-necked Crake, Red-legged Crake, Ruddy-breasted Crake, Baillon’s Crake, Australian Spotted Crake, Spotless Crake, White-browed Crake, Australasian Swamphen. Pale-vented Bush-hen, Watercock, White-breasted Waterhen, Eurasian Coot, Dusky Moorhen, Common Moorhen, Black-tailed Native-hen and Tasmanian Native-hen.
  3. Birds in the Landscape.  The challenge here is to photograph the bird in the landscape. The bird needs to be big enough to ensure that it is clearly identifiable as does the habitat/landscape in which it lives. Comments need to address both the bird and the habitat/landscape. For example, what is the landscape/habitat and is it a typical or unusual location for the species. No birds on sticks with a clear background required here. Examples are fruit-doves in rainforest trees, finches feeding on grass seeds, chats in heathland, kingfishers overlooking and including the stream, water-birds in wetlands, estuaries or beaches etc.
  4. Wrens.  The final competition for 2021 includes any species with “wren” as part of its common name (more than 30 species around Australia). It includes Emu-wrens, Fairy-wrens, Grasswrens, Fernwren, Fieldwrens, Heathwrens and Scrubwrens.

Except for the Best of 2020 competition, all entries must have been taken within three years of the opening date of the competition; this is a change to our standard competition rules.  The competition dates are now available, on the 2021 Competition Themes page.

In the past week or so (early April, 2018), we've had several members contact us to report that they have been unable to upload images to our galleries; the upload would hang, sometimes reporting a timeout error, sometimes with no error message.  It appears that a recent update to the Safari web browser - the default for Apple systems - is the cause of this behaviour.  Our advice to Safari users who experience this problem is to change to an alternative web browser; we recommend either Chrome or Firefox.


Recent Picks

Brown Songlark (Image ID 43595)
Brown Songlark
David Newell
Viewed: 40
Gibberbird (Image ID 43594)
David Newell
Viewed: 48
Eastern Grass Owl (Image ID 43566)
Eastern Grass Owl
Michael Todd
Viewed: 44
Crimson Chat (Image ID 43555)
Crimson Chat
Steve Mantle
Viewed: 51
Australasian Darter (Image ID 43544)
Australasian Darter
Ian Wilson
Viewed: 61
Nankeen Night-Heron (Image ID 43522)
Nankeen Night-Heron
Lucca Rodriguez Amorim
Viewed: 52
Pacific Black Duck (Image ID 43505)
Pacific Black Duck
Stephen Garth
Viewed: 71
Pacific Black Duck (Image ID 43502)
Pacific Black Duck
Ian Wilson
Viewed: 115
Australian White Ibis (Image ID 43501)
Australian White Ibis
Nathan Watson
Viewed: 76
Comb-crested Jacana (Image ID 43458)
Comb-crested Jacana
Wilson Lennard
Viewed: 67


The easiest way to contact us is by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Our People page, in the About Us section, contains email links to each of the committee members.