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Bird On A Wire - Advanced Competition80Advanced competition, open 25 March 2019
Bird On A Wire - Entry Level Competition38Entry level competition, opens 25 March 2019
Bird On A Wire - Intermediate Competition106Intermediate level competition, opens 25 March 2019.
Creative Images Normal96Creative images - either direct from camera, or via image processing.
Critique Gallery Critique136Images for critique/comment by members
Landscapes/Habitat Non-bird50Images of places or patches of habitat
Main Library Normal15610Main gallery for members' images. New Image submissions moved here after 30 days.
New Images Normal280New images submitted by members.
Premier Bird Images Premier Images299This Gallery displays the highest quality images captured by BirdLife Photography members.
Previous Bird ID Challenges Normal0
Previous Bird ID Challenges/Birds of the Inland Normal15
Previous Bird ID Challenges/Birds on Islands Normal14Part or all of the populations of these species are found on marine islands belonging to the Commonwealth of Australia.
Previous Bird ID Challenges/Bush Birds (aka LBJs) Normal19
Previous Bird ID Challenges/Bush Birds (Revisited) Normal8
Previous Bird ID Challenges/Dry Country Birds Normal20
Previous Bird ID Challenges/Ducks and Drakes Normal19This theme was chosen to complement the first photographic competition of the year: ducks and pygmy geese. All species are as listed in the recently updated Birdlife Taxonomy.
Previous Bird ID Challenges/Getting to the Bottom of Things Normal20
Previous Bird ID Challenges/Honeyeaters and Robins Normal17
Previous Bird ID Challenges/Lady Birds Normal19
Previous Bird ID Challenges/Marathon Migrators Normal20Marathon Migrators: 2-round ID Challenge, held Sep-Oct 2018


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