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Black-winged Petrel

Black-winged Petrel (Image ID 30720)
Photographed byMark Lethlean on Sun 19th Feb, 2017 and uploaded by M Mo on Mon 28th May, 2018 .
CommentBlack-winged Petrel
Scientific Name = Pterodroma nigripennis
Wingspan = 64 - 71cm
Conservation status (BWL) = Least Concern

This species was misidentified as White-necked Petrel x2, Gould’s Petrel x1, Soft-plumaged Petrel x1, Barau’s Petrel x1

The Black-winged Petrel (BWPE) is distinguishable from the White-necked Petrel (WNPE) by the throat colour. The BWPE has a grey collar and the WNPE has a black nape, but not a grey collar.

The Gould’s Petrel (GOPE) is distinguishable from the BWPE by a black hood.

The Soft-plumaged Petrel (SPPE) is distinguishable from the BWPE by the underwing pattern. The SPPE has a ‘messy’ dark underwing whereas the BWPE has a ‘clean’ white underwing with a broad black stripe starting at the carpal joint and reaching almost to the body.

The BWPE is distinguishable from the Barau’s Petrel (BAPE) by a black hood on the BAPE. Some other identifying features for the BWPE are:

- Wedge-shaped tail with black edging
- Black ‘smudge’ around eye
- ‘M’ shape on upperwings
- Pointed wingtips
LocationNeds Beach, Lord Howe Island
Keywordsin flight, adult
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