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Inspiring and Supporting Photographers of Australian Birds

Contents of Birds in their Habitat - (excluding waterbirds) - Intermediate Level

Birds in their Habitat (excluding waterbirds) competition is open for entries from 21 June 2021 until 6 pm EST 9 August 2021. Images for this competition must have been taken during the last three years (that is in the three years since to 21 June 2018).
The challenge here is to photograph the bird in its habitat.  The bird needs to be clearly identifiable, as does the habitat in which it lives.  Comments need to address both the bird and the habitat.  For example, what is the habitat, why is it important, and is it a typical or unusual location for the species . No birds on sticks with clear backgrounds required here.  Examples are fruit-doves in rainforest trees, finches feeding on grass seeds, chats in heath, kingfishers by streams, honeyeaters on flowering shrubs or trees, emus in woodland, Glossy Black Cockatoos in casuarina trees, etc.  Waterbirds which are excluded are those listed in the Australian Bird Guide in the categories of Marine and Coastal Birds, and Freshwater Birds.

Simply click on a thumbnail image to open the full-size image in a separate page, with all details shown (except images in Current Competition Galleries have some features hidden). If you know the Image ID number that you wish to view, enter it in the box below, and click the 'Go to Image ID Number' button.


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Emu (Image ID 46750)
Brush Bronzewing (Image ID 46749)
Brush Bronzewing
Budgerigar (Image ID 46748)

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