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Inspiring and Supporting Photographers of Australian Birds

  • Jacky Winter (Image ID 31749)

    Jacky Winter.   Photographer: Doug Castle

  • Musk Duck (Image ID 23159)

    Musk Duck.   Photographer: Con Boekel

  • Whistling Kite (Image ID 20268)

    Whistling Kite.   Photographer: Ian Wilson

  • Red-capped Plover (Image ID 19448)

    Red-capped Plover.   Photographer: Mark Lethlean

  • Red-kneed Dotterel (Image ID 30273)

    Red-kneed Dotterel.   Photographer: Emmy Silvius

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Best of 2020
Up to four of your best bird shots taken during 2020.
18 January 8 March 9 March 23 March

Cranes, Storks, Crakes, Rails and Swamphens
There should be something for everyone here. The following species are eligible: Brolga, Sarus Crane, Black-necked Stork, Lewin’s Rail, Buff-banded Rail, Lord Howe Woodhen, Chestnut Rail. Red-necked Crake, Red-legged Crake, Ruddy-breasted Crake, Baillon’s Crake, Australian Spotted Crake, Spotless Crake, White-browed Crake, Australasian Swamphen. Pale-vented Bush-hen, Watercock, White-breasted Waterhen, Eurasian Coot, Dusky Moorhen, Common Moorhen, Black-tailed Native-hen and Tasmanian Native-hen.

5 April 24 May 25 May 8 June
Birds in the Landscape
The challenge here is to photograph the bird in the landscape. The bird needs to be big enough to ensure that it is clearly identifiable as does the habitat/landscape in which it lives. Comments need to address both the bird and the habitat/landscape. For example what is the landscape/habitat and is it a typical or unusual location for the species. No birds on sticks with a clear background required here. Example are fruit-doves in rainforest trees, finches feeding on grass seeds, chats in heathland, kingfishers overlooking and including the stream, water-birds in wetlands, estuaries or beaches etc.
21 June 9 August 10 August 24 August
The final competition for 2021 includes any species with “wren” as part of its common name (more than 30 species around Australia). It includes Emu-wrens, Fairy-wrens, Grasswrens, Fernwren, Fieldwrens, Heathwrens and Scrubwrens.
6 September 25 October 26  October 9 November

Please note: dates are approximate, and may be changed.  Dates will be announced on our homepage, and in email messages to members; these announcements will also contain details of the theme, and any special competition rules.  In a departure from our standard rules, for all except the "Best of 2020" competition, photographs must have been taken within 3 years of the date of commencement of the competition.

The first competition for 2022 will be “Best of 2021”; images must have been taken during 2021.


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