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Bar-tailed Godwit

Bar-tailed Godwit (Image ID 32046)
Photographed byTerence Alexander on Sat 17th Feb, 2018 and uploaded by Rob Parker on Sun 30th Sep, 2018 .
CommentBar-tailed Godwit: Score 80%

Scientific Name: Limosa lapponica
Summer BG: Scandinavia, NE & C Siberia (Russia), NW Alaska
Overall Size: 36 - 46cm
Conservation Status (BWL): L. l lapponica is Least Concern, L. l. baueri is Vulnerable & L. l. menzbieri is Endangered

All entrants were able to identify this bird correctly. However, not all were able to provide correct answers for the additional questions.

The bird pictured in the Challenge is most likely Limosa lapponica baueri due to the location and likeliness (against Limosa lapponica menzbieri), but there is no way to tell because of the angle this photo is taken; menzbieri has a white triangle into upper back and baueri does not, so I have accepted Limosa lapponica, Limosa lapponica baueri and Limosa lapponica menzbieri as correct answers.

The Bar-tailed Godwit is the record holder of the longest non-stop migration of any land bird. L. l. baueri has been known to fly 10,400 kilometres from its breeding grounds in Alaska and eastern Siberia to wintering grounds in New Zealand in around 175 hours, with an average speed of 63 kilometres per hour!

Some identifying features for the Bar-tailed Godwit are:

- Barred tail (all year round).

- Feet extend beyond tail tip in flight.

- Barred underwing.

- Upturned pink bill that tapers into a black tip.

- No obvious wing-bar.
LocationWellington Point, Queensland
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