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Buff-banded Rail

Buff-banded Rail (Image ID 45937)
CommentThis location has a dirt track that bisects grazing paddocks and a swamp area. The track features several semi-permanent puddles that recent flooding has kept viable. I had been staking out this particular puddle for several days hoping to secure some tolerable photographs of the resident rails and other species that frequent this particular spot. I hear them more than see them here and by late afternoon it seemed this would again be the case, but to my delight two Buff-banded Rails emerged from the verge and stayed long enough for me to rattle off a couple of dozen frames. I chose this particular image as it shows the profile, has satisfactory eye contact, and the late afternoon glow has created a wonderful palette of colour. Moreover, I like the bird's position in the puddle and the perky pose of the tail. I experimented with a few crops, including the original landscape crop with patches of (untidy) vegetation either side, but given the bird's tall pose I decided this was how best to present the image.
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