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Spotted Pardalote

Spotted Pardalote (Image ID 44603)
CommentCuriosity made me sit on a dirt track and watch for potential activity of a hole I saw in on the side of the track. Imagine how excited I was to see the pardalote coming and going as it gathered material to add to the nest/burrow. I took a couple of pictures, but just sat back and watched as to not disturb, I was lucky to be about 4 - 5 metres away and had the back gate to sit against as I intently watched the behaviour . When entering the burrow, it felt like ages before it would re-emerge to gather more, I could only imagine it must be doing a lot of ‘knitting’ to get the material just right in the burrow before it made the next flight. As the burrow is not far from the back gate I would like to go back and try again at an F6.3 or F7.1 to get more in focus. However, very conscious not to attract attention to myself and allow the bird to go about its nesting behaviour without disturbance. If by chance I am there when the chicks emerge, I will count myself very lucky. I am keeping a watchful eye from a distance when walk past the burrow each day. Reflecting back on 2020, I am so lucky I started bird photography - what a great distraction
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