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Australian Pelican, Freckled Duck, Hardhead, Pink-eared Duck

Australian Pelican, Freckled Duck, Hardhead, Pink-eared Duck (Image ID 44369)
Comment'Look out guys this could go terribly wrong!' But the landing was Ok in the end after Pink-eared and Hardheads moved away. Enjoyed capturing this action from quite a distance but it cropped in nicely. Provides a good view of the underside of the Pelican wings. I chose this for the comp as it is definitely in my top 5 action shot for 2020 but only just captured on 29 December! The Pelican is sharp all over with good eye and bill visibility. The detailed view of the inside of the wings is pleasing as is the captured action of the main subject and the reacting ducks already there. Background is not distracting and gives a nice hint of the surroundings in the wetland.
Keywordsin flight, adult, behaviour/display
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