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Pied Stilt

Pied Stilt (Image ID 42863)
CommentI was expecting a misty morning based on the cool, clear overnight forecast so got up before dawn to visit an isolated rural lake where I had seen a few different species, hoping to create something atmospheric. The fog was much thicker than hoped and made shooting conditions more difficult. It was dull and quiet early but as the sun got higher the lake came to light and life. The sunlight shone through the fog and I saw an opportunity to use that to advantage and changed my settings to shoot into the light and try some silhouettes. This Pied Stilt taking flight was one of a series of images I captured. While it's not a pure silhouette - some of the distinct pied plumage patterns remain faintly visible - its ethereal quality, backlight in the wing tips, water dripping off its feet and matching silhouette reflection make it one of my favourites.
Keywordsin flight, adult
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