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Pacific Black Duck

Pacific Black Duck (Image ID 42532)
CommentWhen I saw this image in front of me I immediately thought about this upcoming competition and shot for it deliberately and was happy with the outcome. I chose it primarily as the mirror like quality of the water surface gave me the reflection I was looking for here. But of course the bird itself needs to be shot well to get the best reflection image possible. So I got a good sharp eye with good camera engagement. Composition places the bird where the reflection is seen to best effect and I enjoyed the water trail behind the Duck that shows movement so left a little more room there than I normally would. Head direction is good and the open beak shot was deliberately chosen as it shows personality and he looks happy! Exposure is good and DoF is shallow enough to blur the foreground and back ground placing the centre subject in good focus. Aesthetically I loved the colour matching between the cinnamon colours of the duck and the water plants behind it.
Keywordsmale, adult, behaviour/display
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