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Black-bellied Crimson Finch

Black-bellied Crimson Finch (Image ID 40353)
CommentLast Spring i was lucky to travel to the Northern Territory and the eastern Kimberley, Western Australia. In Kununurra, the eastern Kimberley, these Crimson Finches (Black-bellied Sub species) were quite abundant. They liked to roost and breed in reeds around the edges of lakes and would come down to the lake edge to feed on small, seeding grasses (winter grass I believe). At the points where the seeding grasses were, these reeds would grow and the finches would use the reeds as staging perches before flying down to the ground to feed on the green seeds. I chose this image because the bird is nicely isolated from the background (distant lake water and shore line), was in beautiful early morning light, presented a lovely over the shoulder pose and was perched nicely on the reed. One of my favorite finches now.
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