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Leaden Flycatcher

Leaden Flycatcher (Image ID 38934)
CommentThis image was taken at a waterhole surrounded by tall trees and shrubs. The only place that did not have changing light conditions was on a branch that had fallen into the middle of the waterhole. So I sat and observed the birds behaviour and noticed that occasionally some birds would land on this branch. I focused on the branch and waited. My patience was rewarded. These two Flycatchers landed for only an instant and I was lucky to capture this fleeting moment. Their interaction is one of the features of this image drawing your attention immediately to the birds. Technically the image is well focused, there are no distractions in the background, the exposure is good and considering that there are two birds the depth of field is acceptable. Footnote: the bird on the right is an immature male, moulting into his adult plumage.
Keywordsmale, female, immature, adult, behaviour/display
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