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Red-capped Plover

Red-capped Plover (Image ID 37183)
Photographed byDavid Budd on Tue 5th Nov, 2019 and uploaded on Sun 10th Nov, 2019 .
CommentThis was taken at 6:30am, in overcast conditions. Due to a very low tide a large flock of of red- capped plovers were frantically feeding. Eventually the feeding died down and I was able to get a shot of a plover, isolated from the rest of the flock. I feel that the OOF bottom element could be somewhat distracting. Cropping it out would be too tight to the reflection. Alternatively, I could bring Photoshop to the rescue and remove it completely. I would be interested to hear from members their views on doing that.
EquipmentNikon D850, Nikkor 600mm FL f4 with TC 1.4II (850mm), Manual, f8, 1/1250sec, EV -.03, ISO 640, single point focus, matrix metering, gimbal/tripod height 500mm, Processed in Capture One.
LocationNairns Foreshore, Peel Inlet Mandurah, Western Australia
Keywordsmale, adult
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