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Asian Dowitcher

Asian Dowitcher (Image ID 32043)
Photographed byMilton Smith on Wed 16th Jul, 2014 and uploaded by Rob Parker on Sun 30th Sep, 2018 .
CommentAsian Dowitcher: Score 80%

Scientific Name: Limnodromus semipalmatus
Summer BG: Siberia (Russia), Mongolia, NE China, Manchuria (China)
Overall Size: 25 - 36cm
Conservation Status (BWL): Near Threatened

This species was misidentified as Great Knot x1, Common Greenshank x1

The Asian Dowitcher is distinguishable from the Great Knot by the loral stripe. The Asian Dowitcher has a dark loral stripe, whereas the Great Knot does not.

The Asian Dowitcher is distinguishable from the Common Greenshank by the beak shape. The Asian Dowitcher has a straight beak and the Common Greenshank has a slightly upturned beak.

Some other identifying features for the Asian Dowitcher are:

- Mostly bright chestnut in breeding plumage except for flanks and undertail coverts which are barred white, spotted or mottled with a white supercilium in non-breeding plumage.

- White underwing.

Feet extend beyond tail tip in flight.

- Wings fold equal length to tail tip.

- Barred tail, finely barred rump.
LocationToorbul Roost, Brisbane North (Queensland)
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