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Whimbrel (Image ID 31663)
Photographed byIan Wilson on Mon 16th Oct, 2017 and uploaded by McKinley Moens on Mon 27th Aug, 2018 .
CommentWhimbrel: Score 73%

Scientific Name: Numenius phaeopus (variegatus)

Summer Breeding Grounds: N Europe; Siberia, Russia, Iceland, Alaska & Canada

Overall Size: 38 - 44cm

Conservation Status (BWL): Least Concern (spp variegatus Near Threatened)

This species was misidentified as Little Curlew x2

The bird pictured in the Challenge is most likely Numenius phaeopus variegatus due to the location and likeliness (against Numenius phaeopus hudsonicus), but there is no way to tell because of the angle this photo is taken; hudsonicus has a dark rump and variegatus has a white rump, so I have accepted Numenius phaeopus and Numenius phaeopus variegatus as correct answers.

The Whimbrel is distinguishable from the Little Curlew by the beak size and shape. The Whimbrel has a long, down-curved beak, and the Little Curlew has a shorter beak with a slightly down-curved tip.

- Some other identifying features for the Whimbrel are:

- Dark crown with pale central line

- White Supercilium

- Brown streaking on chest

- Base of lower mandible pink
LocationEsplanade, Cairns (Queensland)
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