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Ruddy Turnstone

Ruddy Turnstone (Image ID 31656)
Photographed byWilliam Betts on Wed 5th Apr, 2017 and uploaded by McKinley Moens on Mon 27th Aug, 2018 .
CommentRuddy Turnstone: Score 69%
Scientific Name: Arenaria interpres
Summer Breeding Grounds: High Arctic Tundra, North America, Alaska, Greenland, Svalbard, Scandinavia, Eurasia & Siberian Tundra, Russia.
Overall Size: 21 - 26cm
Conservation Status (BWL): Near Threatened

All entrants were able to identify this bird correctly. However, not all were able to provide correct answers for the additional questions.

The Ruddy Turnstone gets its name from its foraging technique of turning over stones, seaweed and other items on the beach to feed on small crustaceans and other small creatures hiding underneath. Its short legs give the impression that leads to this wader being described as heavyset, plump or pigeon-like. The stunning breeding plumage includes chestnut-brown wings and a well-marked pattern across the wings and back that is distinctive and unique in flight. Non-breeding plumage is only slightly less distinctive.

Some other identifying features for the Ruddy Turnstone are:

- Bright orange legs and feet

- White wing-bars and mantle in flight
LocationWoodman point (Western Australia)
Keywordsbreeding plumage
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