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  • Hooded Parrot (Image ID 33942)

    Hooded Parrot.   Photographer: Bill Harding

  • Black Swan (Image ID 20321)

    Black Swan.   Photographer: Con Boekel

  • Bar-tailed Godwit (Image ID 34243)

    Bar-tailed Godwit.   Photographer: Bruce McNaughton

  • Hoary-headed Grebe (Image ID 33563)

    Hoary-headed Grebe.   Photographer: Gary King

  • Rock Dove (Image ID 28929)

    Rock Dove.   Photographer: Con Boekel

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Ian Wilson - April 2018

This article looks in detail about how to achieve ‘true’ blue skies during photo processing - ie blue skies which look natural both in colour and brightness. Although fairly technical it is well worth spending a bit of time on.



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