blp shabash 430x45

  • Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo (Image ID 19571)

    Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo.   Photographer: Chris Dubar

  • Crimson Rosella (Image ID 25536)

    Crimson Rosella.   Photographer: Bill Harding

  • Whistling Kite (Image ID 25808)

    Whistling Kite.   Photographer: Doug Castle

  • Malleefowl (Image ID 19078)

    Malleefowl.   Photographer: Mal Carnegie

  • Gouldian Finch (Image ID 31764)

    Gouldian Finch.   Photographer: Doug Castle

Once again, the standard of entries in this competition has been impressive, to say the least. With the competition being relatively non-prescriptive this time, in some ways it has been even harder for me to judge than the previous ‘Small in the Landscape’.  I’ve made my selections on very much a personal level, and for me aesthetics takes precedence over the strictly technical aspects of an image.

It was an extremely difficult task judging the entries for the Small in the Landscape photo competition! There are many truly excellent entries, with so many talented, dedicated bird photographers within the group, and I would like to congratulate all who have taken part. One interesting observation is that so many of the strongest entries have featured waterbirds, which is possibly because successful bird photography lends itself to more (relatively) static subjects as may be found in waterways etc.

A theme such as behaviour has so many facets that it can be difficult to single-out one specific behaviour, which captures the viewer’s attention.  After considerable deliberation I congratulate the owner of image #15727 as the winner for this competition, followed closely by image #15684, which is highly commended for its overall composition.  Three images, #15589, #15628 and #15630, are to be commended.


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