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  • Australian Pelican (Image ID 29137)

    Australian Pelican.   Photographer: Anna Browne

  • Yellow-throated Miner (Image ID 19550)

    Yellow-throated Miner.   Photographer: Gunther Frensch

  • Australian White Ibis (Image ID 34777)

    Australian White Ibis.   Photographer: Linda Unwin

  • Australian Wood Duck (Image ID 19575)

    Australian Wood Duck.   Photographer: David Seymour

  • Comb-crested Jacana (Image ID 32432)

    Comb-crested Jacana.   Photographer: Keith Fisher

The idea for this gallery was canvassed by a poll in our Forum in 2016, and was overwhelming accepted by those who chose to give their opinion.  It took a while to come into operation, but it's now available for members to submit their creative images.

What's a "creative image"?  Well, basically, anything that you want - it may be created in-camera, by tweaking your setting when you capture the image, or by accidentally getting it "wrong" but producing a pleasing result; it can be a close-up section of a conventional image; it can be something created by post-processing one or more images using any technique you care to apply.  Anything goes!  The only real "rules" are, as always, ethical photography, and no nesting birds or nests with eggs and/or chicks.

Visit this gallery to see what our members have produced.

Recent Picks

Grey-crowned Babbler (Image ID 35009)
Grey-crowned Babbler
Linda Unwin
Viewed: 8
Whiskered Tern (Image ID 34966)
Whiskered Tern
Mark Lethlean
Viewed: 22
Red-necked Stint (Image ID 34960)
Red-necked Stint
Hayley Alexander
Viewed: 21
Red-rumped Parrot (Image ID 34950)
Red-rumped Parrot
Linda Unwin
Viewed: 17
Brown Thornbill (Image ID 34943)
Brown Thornbill
Glenn Pure
Viewed: 21
Long-toed Stint (Image ID 34932)
Long-toed Stint
David Newell
Viewed: 19
Black-fronted Dotterel (Image ID 34915)
Black-fronted Dotterel
Simon Pelling
Viewed: 20
Welcome Swallow (Image ID 34906)
Welcome Swallow
Athena Georgiou
Viewed: 43
Slender-billed White-eye (Image ID 34901)
Slender-billed White-eye
Jill Wilson
Viewed: 16
Black Petrel (Image ID 34900)
Black Petrel
Ian Wilson
Viewed: 26


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