• Golden Whistler

    Golden Whistler.   Photographer: Glenn Pure

  • Black Swan

    Black Swan.   Photographer: Con Boekel

  • Pied Stilt

    Pied Stilt.   Photographer: Paul Jensen

  • Australian Pelican

    Australian Pelican.   Photographer: Rob Parker

  • Splendid Fairy-wren

    Splendid Fairy-wren.   Photographer: Bill Harding

Note: For this competition, I have discounted photos of birds with bright colours or significant markings; I'm being strict with my interpretation of "little brown jobs".

Winner:  Dusky Robin - Michael Brown (Image # 17791).

This is a good photograph of a typical LBJ. The Dusky Robin is well focused, facing the photographer and has a catch light in the eye. The bird is well lit and fills the frame. The background is free of distractions and lightly coloured which contrasts nicely with the darker colours of the bird. The clear feather and marking detail allows accurate identification – a common issue when you see an LBJ.

Dusky Robin (Michael Brown)

Highly Commended:  Brown Honeyeater - Karen Emery (Image # 17947)

This is an appealing photo of a Brown Honeyeater. Both the bird and the flower are in focus. The active pose of the bird allows the viewer to see feeding behaviour while the photographer has still captured good beak and eye detail. Although there is some colour on the bird it is acceptable as an LBJ as there are few other identifying features, particularly when seen at a distance. The background could possibly benefit from some noise reduction.

Brown Honeyeater (Karen Emery)

Commended:  Brown Thornbill - Jeffrey Robinson (Image # 17779)

This image has a lovely, gentle light. The soft greys with a touch of brown in the background mirror the subtle colouring of the bird. In terms of composition, I would position the bird a little further towards the right third of the image.

Brown Thornbill (Jeffrey Robinson)

Commended:  Brown Honeyeater - Peter Latta (Image # 17799)

This is a nice capture of a young brown honeyeater and its unfortunate lunch. The bird is sharp with the tell-tale yellow line behind the eye clearly visible. The background is a little bit on the bright side, but fortunately the bird is well lit.

Brown Honeyeater (Peter Latta)

CommendedJacky Winter - Pauline Follett (Image # 17890)

There is a beautiful light on this bird, which combined with a neutral background give this image a pleasing quality.

Jacky Winter (Pauline Follett)



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