• Black Swan

    Black Swan.   Photographer: Con Boekel

  • Crested Tern

    Crested Tern.   Photographer: Con Boekel

  • Australian Reed-Warbler

    Australian Reed-Warbler.   Photographer: Glenn Pure

  • Great Egret

    Great Egret.   Photographer: Mark Lethlean

  • Common Bronzewing

    Common Bronzewing.   Photographer: Mark Lethlean

Winner: Purple Swamphen - Jonathan Pridham (Image #21427)

A wonderful portrait of a big and clearly beautiful species. The sharpness and definition on the beak and eye is very good, exposure is good and details very nice. In addition, the light is beautiful and composition is well balanced with the bird placed nicely in the frame. The colours are wonderful and the depth of field nicely set to concentrate on the beak and eye, whilst still making the neck apparent and present. The image could be assisted with a little background noise reduction. All in all, a lovely and deserving winner.

Purple Swamphen - Jonathan Pridham

Highly commended: Wedge-tailed Eagle - Mal Carnegie (Image #21374)

A very nice in-flight image of a majestic species. The head-on pose concentrates the viewer to the bird's head and eyes, which are in nice focus. The shape of the wings is wonderful showing the flared wingtips nicely. The entire front half of the bird is in focus, with nice depth of field choice. The frame also clearly shows the wedged shape of the tail which gives the species its common name. The clouds in the background assist the depth of the image in a way that is far better than blue sky alone. The image could have been assisted with some post processing sharpening on the bird and a slight shadows adjustment to bring a little more detail out of the darker areas of the frame. A close and nice second.

Wedge-tailed Eagle - Mal Carnegie

Commended: Malleefowl - Mal Carnegie (Image #21372)

A very good portrait again. The detail is great and depth of field nice showing all in focus. Nice exposure with all areas well-defined and both dark and lighter areas good. I think this could have been a closer cropped portrait, removing much of the right hand side from the frame to just concentrate on the head and upper neck. This would have also removed the out of focus twig across the bird's back.

Malleefowl - Mal Carnegie

Commended: Osprey - Colette Livermore (Image #21387)

A superb pose captured in this frame. Lovely detail on all of the bird, especially under the wings. The stare captured is intense and focused. Background is lovely soft pastels that work nicely against the bird. The frame would be assisted with a slightly looser crop. The whites towards the left hand side are slightly blown which could be easily fixed with some post processing highlights adjustment and again, I think it could use some selective sharpening on the bird. A very nice frame.

Osprey - Colette Livermore

Commended: Pheasant Coucal - Colette Livermore (Image 21388)

A very nice image with good sharp detail on the head and body. The fanned display is very nice, showing the wonderful feather patterning of this species. I think a slightly more open crop would assist with some more room provided on the left side of the bird so it looks like it has some space to move into. This would also make the composition a more standard rectangular shape.

Pheasant Coucal - Colette Livermorear


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