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Red-necked Stint

Red-necked Stint
Photographed byIan Wilson on Wed 11th Nov, 2015 and uploaded by McKinley Moens on Mon 27th Aug, 2018 .
CommentRed-necked Stint: Score 63%
Scientific Name: Calidris ruficollis
Summer Breeding Grounds: Arctic Siberia, Alaska
Overall Size: 13 - 16cm
Conservation Status (BWL): Near Threatened

This species was misidentified as Sanderling x2

The Red-necked Stint is distinguishable from the Sanderling by the lore colour. The Red-necked Stint has a dark loral stripe whereas the Sanderling has a light lore.

Some other identifying features for the Red-necked Stint are:

- Black legs

- Straight black bill

- Pale fringes on closed wing, lost with wear

- Wings extend past tail tip when closed
LocationWestern Treatment Plant, Werribee (Victoria)
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