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Australian Wood Duck

Australian Wood Duck
Photographed by:Con Boekel on Mon 11th Dec, 2017 and uploaded on Thu 14th Dec, 2017 .
Comment:Up before dawn for this one.

Mist tendrils were rising from the water, the dawn sun gave streaks of colour in strong diagonals. The breaks in the background riparian vegetation allowed through vertical streaks of light to add structure to the image.

Post processing started with cropping (and levelling) in DPP. The image was then converted to a TIF file and imported to Elements 13. One aim of the cropping was to break the composition into rough thirds of foreground, middle ground and background.

In PSE 13, I added a smidge of bright and also of saturation before resizing. Additional light was then added to the body of the male Wood Duck, mainly to add a bit of shape to the bird. I was here careful to protect the rising mist just in front of the bird in the image. I could have left it dark and the difference is marginal. The unique profile is enough to ID it as a drake Wood Duck.

Finally, the light areas in the foreground were burnished using the blur function. Part of the effect being sought was to create the classical pictorial depth perception used in landscape painting by having sharp details and more light in the foreground and less details and less light in the background.

The key to the composition is the relationship between the bird and the light/colour patterns and shapes.
Equipment:Canon 5D Mk IV
Canon EF 500mm 1:4 L IS 11 USM
Canon EF 1.4x 111 extender
Velbon tripod
1/800 sec
0 step
500 mm
Processed using first DPP 4 and then PSE 13
Location:Molongolo Reach, Lake Burley Griffin (Australian Capital Territory)
Keywords:male, adult
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