Australian Bustard

Australian Bustard
Photographed by:Tim Van Leeuwen on Tue 27th Jun, 2017 and uploaded on Wed 16th Aug, 2017 .
Comment:I have decided to contribute this image to the Critique gallery as i have had a number of goes at processing and am still unhappy with my end results. I really like the image and I feel it is a good representation of a Bustard in flight but for some reason it is lacking. I am struggling to obtain contrast and impact. I have good feather detail but the overall image is just not working. Help - any advice appreciated.
Equipment:Canon 5D Mark iv
Canon 200-400 f4
iso 640 - 1/2000 - f7.1 - 560mm - manual exposure - hand held with monopod
Initially processed in Canon DPP 4 to crop, adjust exposure and lighting and perform noise reduction on bird. A 16 bit TIFF file was created from the RAW DPP image and finished in PSE (Adobe Photoshop Elements CC) where the background was noise reduced and the main subject sharpened.
Location:Bustard Downs (Queensland)
This image is not available for download.
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