Olive-backed Sunbird

Olive-backed Sunbird
Photographed by:Trevor Bullock on Sun 10th Jul, 2016 and uploaded on Tue 25th Jul, 2017 .
Comment:Following on from Ian Wilson's Advanced Black & White Birds competition winning image of a Pied Oystercatcher, I submit my winning image in the recent Preening competition. I apologise for the delay, having just returned from 6 wks in Central Europe.

Camera settings were as per equipment field, and I am far from being an expert on whether these were optimal. I mostly shoot in Aperture Priority, and usually at f8, trying to achieve an even blurred background, while having the whole bird in focus. In this instance, background branches are too close to achieve this. Wide aperture combined with higher ISO @ 800 helped keep shutter speed up to reduce blur, and in this instance, the head, beak and wing were the 'moving parts'. I am happy with the result here. Focusing was centre spot only, with single shot shutter. White balance was on auto and picture style standard.

I spent approximately 20 mins with this bird and its mate, taking many images, however, not while preening. In any case, the images were taken well before the competition subject was known, so there was no 'preening specific' bird craft employed here. I was able to slowly move around to position the sun behind me, and the bird clear of twigs for the final shots. This was one.

I am about as technical as a length of railway iron, so post processing is minimal. I have tried to follow Ian and Glenn's advices via the Newsletters and Forum (which are excellent), however, need much more practice. In DPP4 in this instance, I adjusted the shadows +2 for a little more detail under the wing and in the head shadow area. Highlights were adjusted down -1, mainly to take the edge off the sky in the background. Sharpness was set at 4.

I had originally cropped this image to a square format, due to the circular pose of the bird, and my wish to remove more of the busy background. However, taking notice of comments on the forum and in Newsletters re square cropping, I changed it to 4 x 3 - the squarest landscape!!.

Thank you and I welcome all comments and criticisms in the name of learning.
Equipment:Canon 5D3
Canon 100-400 lens (II) + 1.4x TC (III) @ 560mm
ISO 800
Aperture f8
S/Speed 1/2500
Location:Atherton area (Queensland)
Keywords:female, adult, breeding plumage
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