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Australian Wood Duck

Australian Wood Duck
Photographed byCon Boekel on Mon 17th Jul, 2017 and uploaded on Mon 24th Jul, 2017 .
CommentThere are numerous light sources in this image. The first is the reflection of the blue sky on the water. The second is the direct sunlight. The third is the reflections of the bars where the bars are in direct sunlight. The fourth is the reflection of the bars where the bars are in shadow. The fifth is the light bouncing off the birds thereby creating their reflections. Then there are the sources bounced around by the movements of the birds and of the waves. There are three birds in the image: the two birds swimming and the fractured reflections of a bird in the lower right hand corner of the image. The latter is perched on top of the bars that provide the visual drama in this image.
EquipmentCanon 5D Mk 1V
Canon EF 500mm 1:4 L IS 11 USM
Handheld but resting on a fence
1/1600 sec
0 step
500 mm
Processed using first DPP 4 and then PSE 13
LocationSullivan's Creek Turner (Australian Capital Territory)
Keywordsmale, female, adult
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