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Superb Lyrebird

Superb Lyrebird
Photographed byIan Wilson on Fri 16th Jun, 2017 and uploaded on Sun 18th Jun, 2017 .
CommentMy intention here was to capture an adult male lyrebird giving his territorial call at full volume. In the past, I found that when the entire bird is shown, the impact was underwhelming because the bird with full tail takes up so much of the frame that it is difficult to focus the viewer's attention on the head details.

To capture this image I carefully approached the bird in camo clothes with a general purpose multicam pattern. My preferred camera is the Canon 5Ds (full frame) with 300 mm lens as it is usually only possible to get a clear shot from close range. I used fill flash of about +2 stops as the birds are invariably in dappled sunlight or full shade.

I am curious to learn how members feel about the unorthodox composition of this image and any other feedback they may wish to add.
EquipmentCanon 5Ds + 300 mm f/2.8 II + 600Ex-RT flash (camera mounted), hand-held.
Manual, partial metering, AI Servo spot AF, f/8, 1/200 sec, ISO 800, ETTL flash control.
Processed with DPP4 and PSE14 with Neat Image plug-in.
LocationSherbrooke Forest, Dandenong Ranges NP (Victoria)
Keywordsmale, adult, breeding plumage
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