• Australian White Ibis, Royal Spoonbill

    Australian White Ibis, Royal Spoonbill.   Photographer: Richard Smart

  • Nankeen Kestrel

    Nankeen Kestrel.   Photographer: Barbara Oehring

  • Australian Wood Duck

    Australian Wood Duck.   Photographer: Richard Smart

  • Black-winged Stilt

    Black-winged Stilt.   Photographer: Harry Charalambous

  • Rainbow Lorikeet

    Rainbow Lorikeet.   Photographer: Richard Smart

BirdLife Photography is administered by a committee. Committee members are elected at the BirdLife Photography Annual General Meeting and serve for 3 years. The current committee members are:

The majority of our activities are web-based; our website administrator is Rob Parker, and our webmaster - the man behind the scenes - is Dave Torr.  Bird photographs submitted to our on-line galleries are moderated before becoming available for viewing; our moderators for the New Images gallery are Con Boekel, George Pergaminelis, Peter Bennet and Rob Parker; images submitted to Current Competition galleries are moderated by Graham Cam and Rob Parker, until we appoint a new photo competition co-ordinator; images submitted to the Slides gallery are moderated by Rob Parker and Graham Cam.  Our Bird ID Challenges are run by Con Boekel.

Recent Picks

Southern Scrub-robin (Image ID 27081)
Southern Scrub-robin
David Newell
Viewed: 18
Osprey (Image ID 27078)
Stephen Garth
Viewed: 18
Red-capped Plover (Image ID 27055)
Red-capped Plover
Glenn Pure
Viewed: 18
Bassian Thrush (Image ID 27061)
Bassian Thrush
David Newell
Viewed: 27
New Holland Honeyeater (Image ID 27062)
New Holland Honeyeater
Cherilyn Corker
Viewed: 22
Spotted Pardalote (Image ID 27051)
Spotted Pardalote
Rodger Scott
Viewed: 34
Striped Honeyeater (Image ID 27044)
Striped Honeyeater
John Eley
Viewed: 37
Great Crested Grebe (Image ID 27040)
Great Crested Grebe
Tim Van Leeuwen
Viewed: 36
Dusky Honeyeater (Image ID 27038)
Dusky Honeyeater
Tim Van Leeuwen
Viewed: 29
Lewin's Honeyeater (Image ID 27022)
Lewin's Honeyeater
Peter Owen
Viewed: 32


The easiest way to contact us is by emailing us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Our People page, in the About Us section, contains email links to each of the committee members.